Slide Vane Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO Type SSAO 080 AO

Katalog : 
Katalog Flow Meter Nitto Seiko SSAO, SSZ8, Pdf

Jual Slide Vane Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO Type SSAO 080 AO Size 3 Inch (80 mm)

General Specifications
Figures in parenthesis are for special specification.Measured liquid:
Cold and hot water, Petroleum,Chemical liquids, etc.
Size : 80A, 100A, 150A
Liquid viscosity : 0.4~500mPa·s
Liquid temp : Normal temp. ~80°C(~120 °C)
Liquid pressure : 1.0MPa or less(2.0MPa or less)
Accuracy : Within ±0.5%(within ±0.2%)
Material : FC200/FC200 SCS13/SCS13



  • Distributors NITTO SEIKO Indonesia
  • Flow Meter Minyak NITTO SEIKO
  • Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO
  • Jual Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO Japan
  • Oil Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO Type SS AO, SS Z8, SSAO, SSZ8
  • Flow Meter Nitto SEIKO Type SSAO080AO, SSAO 080 AO
  • Ready Stock Nitto Seiko SSAO Stainless Steel
Measured liquid Tap water, Industrial water, Underground water, Cold and hot water, Drain water, Sea water
Nominal size 50~400 mm
Liquid temperature 0~60℃, 60~150℃ (High temperature specification)
Liquid pressure 1.0 MPa or less (2.0MPa or less by Flange standard)
Accuracy Within ±2.0%


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