Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO type BR25-2

Katalog : 
Flow Meter Nitto Seiko BR, PDF
Jual Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO type BR 25-2 Size 1 Inch (25mm)
General Specifications
Measured liquid: Kerosene, Light oil, A/B/C Heavy oil
                           (Two types of oils can be measured
                           by one meter.)
Size:                   15A, 20A, 25A
Liquid temp :       Normal temp.~80°C
Liquid pressure : 1.0MPa or less
Accuracy :          Within ±0.5%
Material :             FC200
Pulse generator: Reed switch (Option):1L/P



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  • Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO
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  • Flow Meter Nitto SEIKO 1 Inch (25mm) Type BR 25-2
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