Drum Pump Koshin, Hand Pump Rotary Koshin LP32

Katalog : 
Drum Pump KOSHIN LP32
Jual Drum Pump Koshin LP-32, Hand Pump Rotary Koshin LP32, Manual Oil Pump Aluminium, hand Barrel Pump Koshin
  • Delivers 1L per rotation.
  • Mesh strainer can filter fine dust.
  • Applicable for low viscosity oil.


  • Heavy fuel oil A
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • Spindle oil




Model LP-32
Delivery Volume 1L/1Rotation, (Normal Use) 100L/min (26USG/min)
Suction Pipe 32×956 (1 1/4″x37″)
Delivery Hose (mm) 32×1280 (1 1/4″x50″)
Strainer #60 with Mesh, Polyethylene
Gross Weight 38kg
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 1137x252x295
Packing Unit 5
  • Distributor Koshin Indonesia
  • Drum Pump Koshin LP32
  • Hand Pump Rotary KOSHIN LP32
  • Pompa Drum Rotary Aluminium Koshin LP-32
  • Manual Drum Pump Koshin LP-32
  • Ready Stock Koshin LP-32
  • Drump Pump aluminium Koshin Japan
  • Jual Koshin LP-32
  • OIl Pump Manual Koshin
  • Distributor Drum Pump Koshin
  • Koshin Manual hand Pump Rotary
  • Drum Transfer pump manual Rotary Koshin
  • Koshin Pump Indonesia
  • Pompa Tangan Manual
  • Barrel Hand Pump
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