Gun Nozzle TATSUNO Kuning

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Jual Gun Nozzle Tatsuno Type 12B Size 3/4 Inch
Model automatic nozzle is designed according to ideal pattern desired by users. With compact structure, light weight and convenient use, the product is applicable for filling diesel oil, kerosene and gasoline. 

Technical Specification
Product Type 12B
Oil Inlet BSP3/4” NPT3/4′
Oil Outlet 1 Inch
Volume 0-70L/min
Operation Pressure 0.18Mpa


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  • Distributor Flow Meter Minyak Indonesia
  • Distributor Alat Ukur Minyak
  • Distributor NOZZLE Minyak
  • Nozzle Tatsuno Indonesia
  • Ready Stock Flow Meter
  • Nozzle Tatsuno 1 inch

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