Automatic Nozzle 1 Inch gasoline, diesel, E15, biodiesel to B20 and kerosene

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Jual Nozzles: 1 in Automatic Nozzle with Hook

Model: N100DAU12

1” Automatic Nozzle for gasoline, diesel, E15, biodiesel to B20 and kerosene. Includes grip spring on spout, angled inlet to reducehose wear, heavy duty, red weather resistant cover, three position hold open latch, UL/cUL. Made in USA.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for gasoline, diesel, E15, biodiesel up to B20, and kerosene
  • Integral hook and spout spring
  • Three locking flow-rate positions
  • Heavy duty aluminum body
  • No pressure / no flow feature for added safety
  • Red nozzle cover



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