Flow Meter SATAM ZC17 24 Size 2 Inch

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Katalog : 
Flow Meter SATAM ZC17

Positive displacement meter SATAM-ZC17 24

  • SATAM Model ZC17 12 (Size 2 Inch)
  • SATAM Model  ZC17 24 (Size 2 Inch)
  • SATAM Model ZC17 48 (Size 2 Inch)
  • SATAM Model ZC17 80 (Size 3 Inch)
  • SATAM Model ZC17 150 (Size 4 Inch)
  • SATAM Model ZC17 250 (Size 6 Inch)
  • SATAM Model ZC17 330 (Size 8 Inch)



  • Distributors Flow Meter Indonesia
  • Distributor Flow Meter SATAM
  •  Postive Displacement Meter SATAM
  •  SATAM Indonesia
  •  PD Meter SATAM
  •  Ready Stock PD METER SATAM
  •  Stockist Oil FLow Meter SATAM
  •  Flow Meter Minyak
  • Jual Flowmeter SATAM
  • Positive displacement meter ZC 17

  • SATAM Model ZC17 12 (Size 2 Inch), SATAM Model  ZC17 24 (Size 2 Inch), SATAM Model ZC17 48 (Size 2 Inch), SATAM Model ZC17 80 (Size 3 Inch), SATAM Model ZC17 150 (Size 4 Inch), SATAM ZC17 250 (Size 6 Inch), SATAM Model ZC17 330 (Size 8 Inch)
Sectors of application:
Oil depots: for product reception and loading stations for trucks, railcars and ships
Hydrocarbon transportation: distribution of fuel oil or fuel by road tanker
Aircraft refueling: aircraft dispensers and fuelling tankers
Army: depot supplies and loading of trucks
Transport companies: refueling locomotives, trucks and public transport coaches
Marine applications: ships refuelling
Mining sites: refuelling of trucks or site machinery
Key Points:
Reduced pressure loss: 0,3 to 0.5 bar at maximum flow rate
Low maintenance costs: simple and robust design with interchangeable mechanical components
Reliable measurements: accuracy and stability of measurements guaranteed over a period of many years
Modular design: wide range of accessories for performing customized measurement applications
Robust construction: flowmeter manifold separated from measurement chamber to eliminate any possible influence of external mechanical stresses on measurement
Main technical data:
Volume accuracy : < 0.15% – Option < 0.1% – for measement range of 10 :1
Volume repeatability : ≤ 0.02%

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