Flow Meter SATAM Mastermeter ZCM17

Katalog : 
SATAM Master Meter ZCM17

Jual SATAM Mastermeter ZCM17, Mater Meter SATAM ZCV 17

Sectors of application: 
Oil depots: Metrological verification of flowmeters for product reception and trucks loading
Marine: Periodic verification of fuel dispensers for ships
Mining sites: Calibration of fuel dispensers for trucks or site machineries
Aircraft refuelling: Calibration of meters installed on-board refuelers



  • Distributors Flow Meter Indonesia
  • Distributor Flow Meter SATAM
  • Postive Displacement Meter SATAM
  • SATAM Indonesia
  • PD Meter SATAM
  • Ready Stock PD METER SATAM
  • Stockist Oil FLow Meter SATAM
  • Flow Meter Minyak
  • Oil Flow Meter SATAM
  • Jual Flowmeter SATAM
  • Flow Meter SATAM Mastermeter ZCM17

Key Points: 
  • Compact device: possibility to move it to different sites without the requirement for lifting tools
  • Functioning of the mechanical register version without any power supply
  • Can be installed on a trolley as mobile calibration equipment
  • Stable and accurate volume measurement without any influence of installation position
Main technical data: 
  • Operating flow rate : 2.4 to 250 m3/h
  • Measured parameters: operating volume, base volume (only for electronic version)
  • Viscosity : 50 cSt max.
  • Liquid temperature: -10 °C to +80 °C
  • Pressure: 10 bar max
  • Connections: flanges or dry couplings with 2 x 3 m hoses (option)
  • Flowmeter: PD meter ZC17
  • Register: mechanical register VR or electronic register Equalis
  • Flowrate display: included
  • Temperature and pressure measurements: option
  • Volume accuracy < ± 0,1% – < ± 0,05% with lienarization
  • Volume repeatability: <± 0,02%
  • ATEX : Zone 1 – II 2 G
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