Flow Meter OVAL 3 Inch Stainless Steel, Oval Flow Meter 3 Inch Stainless

Jual Flow Meter OVAL 3 Inch Stainless, Oval Flow Meter 3 Inch Stainless Steel


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Flow Meter Oval Pdf 
Oval Flowmeter Pdf


Distributor Flow Meter Oval, Oval Flow Meter, Oil Flow Meter, Flow Meter Indonesia, Flow Meter Minyak

Oval Model : LC282-111-C117
Size : 3 inch (80mm)
Accuracy Adjustable And Mounting Adapter : Fixed type adjustable AG1 or AG2 provided
Housing Material : FC 25 (cast itron)
Pressure Rating : B1 Nominal Pressure 10K(JIS10K;ANSI 150)
Bearings : Carbon Plain bearings
Transmission system : Magnetic Coupling
Unfactored Pulse Generation : Pulse Genarator is not required
Accuracy : Within ±0.5% or within ±2%
Operating Temperature: -5~ + 120°C
Application Liquids: Liquid service Flowmeter
Flow Rate(Min.):0.6m³/h
Flow Rate(Min.):40m³/h

Flow Meter Oval LC282-111-C117



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