Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO type RZ25A Resettable Register 1 Inch

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Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO Type RZ, Pdf

Jual Flow Meter NITTO SEIKO type RZ 25A Resettable Register Size 1 Inch (25mm)

General Specifications
Figures in parenthesis are for special specification.
Measured liquid: Cold and hot water, Petroleum,
Chemical liquids, Food liquids, etc.
Size: 20A,25A (20B, 20C, 25C, 25A)
Liquid viscosity: 0.5~3,000mPa•s (0.2~30,000mPa•s)
Liquid temp.: Normal temp.~80℃ (-20~200 ℃)
Liquid pressure: 1.0MPa or less (2.0MPa or less)
Accuracy: Within ±0.5%
Material: FC200/CAC406, FC200/FC200
FC200/SCS14, SCS14/SCS14

The size 20mm can not be manufactured for other flow meters than
made of FC200/CAC406 (for oil) and SCS14/SCS14 (Material
approved of the use for high pressure gas)


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  • Flow Meter Nitto SEIKO Type RZ25A, RZ 25A Size 1 Inch (25mm)
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