Flow Meter Liquid Controls M5 Complite Accessories

Jual Flow Meter Liquid Controls 1,5 Inch LC M5-K-1, Flow Meter Minyak Liquid Controls M-5-K-1 C/W : Meter with counter,printer, preset counter, preset valve, strainer and air eliminator, LC M5, Liquid Controls 1,5 Inch M5,Oil Flow Meter, Oil Meter LC M-5


Katalog : 
katalog-LC-Liquid Control
LC-Brochure-Liquid Control


Jual Flow Meter LC, Liquid Controls Flow Meter, LC, Spesifikasi

capacity: 60GPM (227 L/min.)
case made of aluminum with metering chamber
components of various materials as required for classes 1,2,3,14,
16 and 30 construction.
choice of companion flanges with 1 1/2" standard and 2" optional ...NPT
or BSPT threads. Also aluminum or steel welding flanges, ANSI and DIN
adaptors available (consult factory).


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