Flow Meter Aquametro VZF 15, VZF II 15 RC 130/16 Contoil Oil Meter

Jual Flow Meter Aquametro VZF 15 Size 1/2 Inch (15mm), VZF II 15 RC 130/16 Contoil Oil Meter


Aquametro Oil meter VZF 15 RC 130/16 Contoil Oil Meter

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Flow Meter Aqua Metro Pdf


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Aquametro VZF II 15 RC 130/16 Contoil Oil Meter

VZF II 15 Contoil Oil Meter – (20-400 Max 600 litre/hr)
Digital Display (Rate/Total/Temp/Mass)
Nominal diameter: 15mm (1/2″)
Optional fittings available
Product Code: 95506
Max Temp 130C
Max Pressure 16 bar
Positive Displacement / Low Pressure Drop Design
Accuracy 1% of actual value
LCD display: 8 positions, 8mm high
Outputs: 1 analog and 2 digital
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