Electronic Flow Meter OGM-50E

Jual Digital OGM Meter 2 Inch OGM-50E, Electronic Oval Gear Meter OGM 2″ DN50, Digital Oval Gear Meter OGM-50E Size 2 Inch, Digital Oil Flow Meter 2″, Flow Meter Digital 2 Inch


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Digital Oval Gear Meter Pdf

OGM Flow Meter Size:50 MM
Min.Flow Rite : 30 L /min
Max. Flow Rite : 300 L/ min
Accuracy : ±0.5%
Working Pressure:0.3Mpa
One-Time Count Range:0.1-9999999L
Total Count Range:0-9999999L



Jual OGM Meter, Ready Stock Oval Gear Meter, Digital Oil Flow Meter OGM, Electronic OGM meter, OGM Flow Meter

The OGM series flow meters are positive displacement flow meter with Digital or Analog display, designed to cover a brand range of industrial fluid measurement applications. They are ideally suited to applications requiring accurate dispensing quantities, measurement of very low flow rates, small batch size, viscous products and non-conductive liquids are all ideal uses for this meter. Because this meter does not require flow conditioning, no straight piping is required, so it can be used in installations where space is limited without effecting performance. OGM meters are also available with digital preset option for high accuracy transfer of liquids. Liquids with viscosity of up to 1000 Cps can be easily handled with these meters.


  • Digital or Analog display, easy to read, aluminum body, PPS rotors, light weight.
  • 4 digitals subtotals can be set to zero, 6 digital total readout.
  • Compact size, easy maintenance, low pressure drop, quite operation.

Features :

  • Compact sizes – 1″ / 1.5″ / 2″
  • Easy maintenance
  • Meter with Totaliser and Reset option
  • Horizontal & vertical installation options
  • Low pressure drop
  • Viscosity up to 1000 Cps
  • Accuracy ± 0.5 %
  • Repeatability < 0.03 %
  • Pressure up to 34 Bar


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